Jumper Cable 5kV - 15kV

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Temporary Jumper Cables are intended for use as flexible power leads to by-pass portions of aerial power lines. They are also used in equipment where a non-shielded flexible cable is required. Access to these cables is limited to authorized personnel.

Temporary Jumper Cable is manufactured using a flexible rope stranded annealed uncoated copper. The conductor shield is a nylon semi-conducting tape. Temporary Jumper Cable is insulated with heat, moisture, and ozone resistant ethylene propylene rubber.

  • 2 AWG Jumper Cable N/S EPR

    SKU: 106594

    2 AWG Jumper Cable N/S EPR

    A non-shielded medium voltage flexible power lead wire for temporary connections from phase to phase where 5 kV to 15 kV is required.
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