XHHW-2 Wire

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Commonly referred to as XHHW wire, XHHW-2 stands for cross-linked, high heat-resistant and water-resistant wire that can be used in wet locations, with the '2' indicating an improved version of the insulation.

XHHW-2 is popular in both commercial and residential wiring applications due to its durability and high temp rating. It features stranded or solid aluminum or copper conductors covered with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, which provides excellent resistance to moisture, heat, and abrasion. It is rated to 105°C in dry locations or 90°C in wet locations, can be used in conduit, raceways or for direct burial, and it meets or exceeds many safety standards, including those set by UL. It is flame-retardant, and low-smoke characteristics contribute to its widespread use. All are made in the USA and available by the foot or in bulk.

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